Check Iqama Expiry Status Online 2024 – Check at Mobile

Check Iqama Expiry Status Online 2024 – Check at Mobile

Check Iqama Expiry Status: Iqama is the most important document here in Saudi Arabia. In this blog, we will cover all the aspects of an Iqama. Iqama is called the Muqeem Card nowadays. When a worker comes here to Saudi Arabia for work then Kafeel (sponsor) arranges an Iqama for him within 90 days.

We will see how to check Iqama status in all aspects like validity, expiry, renewal, fee, Huroob, etc.

How to Check KSA Iqama Expiry?

There are several methods where we can check iqama expiry and most we use an Absher account.

We can check the Iqama expiry through

  1. Absher
  2. SMS
  3. Through MOI Mobile Application
  4. MOL – Ministry of Interior Website
  5. Offline at Iqama Print

Iqama Check at Absher

This is the easiest method and if you don’t have an Absher account then you can make it here. Make and Activate Absher

Also, if you don’t have an Absher account then you can ask your friends with an Absher account and they can help you to check the status of your Iqama.

Now, follow the below steps;

Step for Iqama Validity Check

Step-1: First of all, go to the MOI Absher account by clicking here Absher

Step 2: You can change the language to English here

Step 3: Here you need to log in by “User Name” and “Password”. The MOI Absher credentials

Step 4: Enter “Image Code” and hit “Log in”

Step 5: Click on “Query Iqama Expiry Service”

Step 6: Enter the Iqama that you want to check at “Iqama Number”, and “Image Code” and hit “View”

Step 7: You will get the Iqama Validity date at “Iqama is Valid” like 1441/06/13 in here. This date is in the Hijri calendar.

Step-8: You can convert to the Gregorian. Here, we need to visit this link

Step for Iqama Validity Check

This is a way to check the Iqama expiration date at MOI Absher.

Video Guide | MOI Absher Check

Check Iqama Expiry | SMS

This is quite an old method best still works like a charm when you don’t have access to the internet or an Absher account.

All you have to do is just type an SMS in the following format;

12*Kafeel Batakha Number*Iqama No.


Send it according to your network like

  • for Zain 709444
  • for SAWA | STC 888994
  • for Mobily 624444

Check Iqama Expiry | MOI Application

The Ministry of Interior – MOI KSA has launched an application that you can download on your mobile and check on your mobile. You can get this application here MOI Absher

Step 1: Download the MOI and “Login” by user MOI Absher credentials

Step 2: Then, go to the “Dashboard”

Step 3: Here, click the “Timeline”

Step 4: Now, to the “Me & My Family” tab

Step 5: Here, you can see “Iqama Expiry”, “Passport Expiry” & the “Driving License” validity.

This is how you can check Iqama validity on your mobile and no need to convert it into English data as it is already as per your preferred setting. You can change it into the Arabic date as well in the same MOI application setting.

Check Iqama Expiry at Iqama

You can also get an idea by looking at your Iqama issuance date. Add one year to it. But this will not give you the exact date but you can get the idea easily.

Check Iqama Expiry | MOL

Watch the below video for the Iqama expiry check trick at the Ministry of the Interior website;

What is the Iqama Renewal Fee 2022

Iqama renewal fee as of 2023 – This fee is according to the estimations from the news from different departments.

If Saudi Employees in your company are more than 50%:

Ministry of Interior Ministry of LaborAverage Medical InsuranceTotal Fee
SAR 650/-SAR 8,400/-SAR 450/-SAR 9,500/-

If Saudi Employees in your company are less than 50%:

Ministry of Interior Ministry of LaborAverage Medical InsuranceTotal Fee
SAR 650/-SAR 9,600/-SAR 450/-SAR 10,700/-

Iqama Fee for Saiq Khas, Maid, Gardener, Farmer, etc.

Ministry of Interior Ministry of LaborAverage Medical InsuranceTotal Fee
SAR 600/-SAR 00/-SAR 450/-SAR 1,050/-

Iqama Fee for small setups | Maximum 5 workers including the Owner:

Ministry of Interior Ministry of LaborAverage Medical InsuranceTotal Fee
SAR 650/-SAR 00/-SAR 450/-SAR 1,100/-

Ministry of Labor fee is also exempted from Industry workers.

Note: This fee may vary a little like medical insurance may go up to SAR600/-.

Levi’s fee is SAR 300/-, and the fee in July 2022 is expected to increase to SAR 400/-.

MOL (Maktab e Amal) fee is not for Home Driver (Saiq Khas), Domestic Workers (Maid, Gardener), and Industry Workers.

Also, small establishments with 5 or fewer workers are exempt Maktab e Amal fee if the owner is a registered worker of that firm.

What is the Iqama Penalty?

If you are unable to renew Iqama on time or within 3 days after expiry that is called a grace period then you will be fined heavily;

First-Time Iqama Penalty: The first-time fee is SAR 500 after these 3 days

Second Time Iqama Penalty:- This time the fee will be doubled which is  SAR 1000.

Third Time Iqama Penalty:- Now a fine of SAR 1000 and you will be deported without any further chance.

Although this is a duty of your kafeel to get it renewed for your time the company may face financial crises and may fail to comply. In this case, better for you to transfer your Iqama.

Who is Kafeel?

Kafeel is the person who sponsored your work visa.

He is solely responsible for your Iqama being issued and renewed after paying a hefty fee. for the Ministry of Labor, Medical Insurance, Ministry of Interior, and other related departments like the Saudi Council of Engineers, etc.

What is a Transferable Iqama

Every Iqama is transferable but for this, your current sponsor needs to agree to transfer you. Some people have already transferred from other companies and in this, your current employer may release you easily but still, his consent to transfer you is necessary.

Another scenario is that your company is in the Red category in this case you can take a transfer without any permission from your kafeel.

Sometimes, it is on your contract like after two years you are free to take a transfer but still, kafeel should be agreed or he will send you on final exit.

What is Absher?

Absher is a helping platform provided by the Ministry of Interior where a number of government queries are solved without any interaction with Saudi officials.

Note: If you don’t have an Absher account then you can make it by following this easy method. Make and Activate Absher

The major uses of Absher are;

  • Iqama Expiry & Validity Status
  • Traffic-related Queries
  • Dependent Iqama Renewal
  • Iqama Available Funds

We will discuss all in detail here in this blog.

You can do all processes through the MOI Absher website or Mobile Application.

How to Create Absher?

This is simple to get an Absher account. All you have to do is just go to the Absher website make an account and then activate it through self-service machines, or net banking, even you can go to the Jawazat passport department. Click the click and find the easiest of methods Make and Activate Absher

Company Red Green

Ministry of Labor has strict policies against the companies or Mosassa (small company) operating here must have to fulfil set criteria. If any company violates the rules and regulations will be in the red category.

This will affect the person under that company and we call it Iqama Red. You can read more on this below link. Iqama Red Green

What is Huroob?

Huroob is a ‘Runaway’. If a worker is absent from work then the kafeel will report him to Jawazat (Ministry of Labor). This happens when a person finds a better opportunity and tries to grab it without letting the kafeel. Even if he needs that job then he needs to take an iqama transfer to the other one.

If a kafeel is unable to report that person and the police (or any official department like Jawazat) catch him then the original kafeel will be in trouble – Jail with & a hefty fine.

Kafeel’s name is printed on the Iqama.

Saudi Traffic Violation Check

All traffic violations will be recorded electronically under iqama and one can check through MOI Absher. Also one will receive an SMS notification if violated.

One can check these through Absher and also through online banking.

Available Funds on Iqama

The funds we submit for any official purpose like renewing iqama, driving license, car Istamara, etc. can be viewed on the Absher account. Like we can refund it back if we change our mind. But if disappeared then the transactions are completed and we cannot get it back. This mostly happens when we apply for a family visit visa where we have to decide according to the situation.

What is Iqama Fee – 2023

Iqama is quite expensive nowadays. It depends on your company category. But on average it cost 10,000 SAR nowadays in 2023. The family Levi fee is 300 SAR per head per month. Levi’s fee is expected to increase in July-2023.

You can check Iqama Fee mentioned above.

Note: This fee may vary a little like medical insurance may go up to SAR600/-.

Mobile SIM of Iqama Check

You are allowed a few sim cards to be issued on your Iqama. The major operators are;

  • STC – SAWA
  • Zain
  • Mobily

You cannot get more than two sims on any network. But if you don’t then someone else may get and scam it. That’s why it is really important to have a check all the time for your security.

Although the system here in Saudi Arabia is through biometrics and hence very few chances to get scammed. Still, be careful!

I have tried to clear all the queries related to Iqama and how you can check all this stuff. Still, have any queries then comment below. I am glad to answer you to the best of my knowledge. Let us see some FAQs about Saudi Iqama

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you should have a valid iqama and the Iqama should be valid until you return back to KSA.

Normally, it is valid for one year but it can be issued for a longer period but cannot be issued for less than a year period.

Normally, your passport should be valid. No penalties like traffic violations Other registrations like SCE – Saudi Council of Engineers also should be valid.

You can check Iqama expiry through SMS, the MOI Mobile application, or the MOI website as explained in this blog.

Yes, you need to renew Iqama within 3 days of its expiry but cannot be later than this otherwise you need to pay a heavy fine that ranges from a minimum to 500 SAR which can lead to jail & deportation if you are unable to get it renewed.

You can renew three months after its expiry date.

Your kafeel is to renew your Iqama, not you.

Yes, you can but need to pay the fine of that period.

Yes, you can after a mutual agreement with your old and new company kafeel.

Yes, you can after a mutual agreement with your new company kafeel only this time and no need permission from old kafeel.

Yes, you can after a mutual agreement with your new company kafeel only this time and no need permission from old kafeel.

No, you first need to settle issues with your kafeel and remove huroob then you can take a transfer.

Just pay the extra fine imposed and get it renewed.

It is around 10,000 SAT but you can read above more in detail for category-wise.

You can check via SMS or can see the Ministry of Labor website as explained above and the video is attached.


We have concluded the above information regarding Iqama Expiry Status Online which we hope is useful to you. You can confirm this by contacting customer services or checking your Iqama expiry date online, as discussed earlier on in our post.

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