How To Find Reference Number Kuwait Civil ID

How To Find Reference Number Kuwait Civil ID
How To Find Reference Number Kuwait Civil ID

Find Reference Number Kuwait Civil ID: The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in Kuwait is responsible for issuing and renewing the national identity card (ID) in the country. It also issues a residency number to foreigners living in the country. The reference number of an identification document is the same as the ID number. The civil ID can be found at the bottom of the document. Many services and transactions require access to the reference number, and we will learn where this reference number is located on the civil ID in this article.

Alhazimiyah, a Bitaqiyyah (Arabic: بطائقة الدين‎), An official civil ID card is issued by PACI, the Department of Public for Civil Informatics. Four parts of a civil identification card include the civil ID number, the sponsor’s name, the type of visa, and the expiration date. Residents who get a resident’s permit must apply for a Kuwait Civil ID within 30 days.

How Do I Find The Residency Number?

The reference number consists of 9 numbers and is located in the civil card in the back, specifically in the part between the “serial number” and “address”, you can view the reference number in the entry visa as well as the unified number in the name of the passport.

Kuwait is one of the states of the United Arab Emirates which has its own set of identity documents called Civil IDs. The residency number entitles you to use all the e-government electronic services available on the portal of the Ministry of Interior, including the services of the General Department of Traffic, the General Department of Residency Affairs, and others.

Civil Identification Number Kuwait

It is mandatory for all res🇰🇼idents to have a civil identification number. No matter what sponsor the owner chooses, or whether the owner returns to Kuwait after an extended absence, the reference number remains the same. The Kuwait Civil ID is therefore required. The birth date of the owner is combined with the civil ID number.

A national identification number, national identification number, or national insurance number is issued by many governments to monitor citizens’ employment, taxes, government benefits, and health care.

In many nations, unique numbers have been issued with a specific purpose, but these numbers have now become official national identification numbers. A driver’s license is almost required to open a bank account, apply for a credit card, and drive a vehicle. It is nevertheless necessary for nations without uniform national identification numbers to create their own ID numbers, despite the danger of mismatching identities.

What is the procedure for renewing my Kuwait civil ID number?

It is necessary to renew Kuwaiti civil identification numbers at the following intervals:

  • Cards with identification expire after a certain period of time.
  • Sponsors change.
  • Residing in a different place.

Application for a civil ID for the first time requires the following documents:

  • A photocopy of the passport page with personal information and a stamp of residency
  • Anyone over sixteen (16) must obtain a security clearance or provide a fingerprint.
  • Authentic birth certificates are required for Kuwaiti citizens
  • A blood group certificate.
  • Checking the address
  • A joint statement by the sponsors

Kuwaiti civil identification documentation for infants born:

  • A birth certificate
  • Copy of sponsor’s passport
  • A child’s passport
  • Any visa holder wishing to renew or alter his civil identification must provide the following documents:
  • Passport photocopied
  • Sponsorship Declaration
  • Identification currently in use
  • Address change justification

Reference Number For Kuwait

Find out how to locate your Kuwaiti Reference Number in the following section. The Kuwaiti Reference Number is quite easy to find. You will be guided through the steps and procedures needed to locate your Reference Number.

Finding the reference number requires three things:

  • A civil identification number.
  • A passport number.
  • Date of expiration of the passport.
  • These three steps will help you find a reference number. Ensure that you have knowledge of them.

How to Check Kuwaiti Reference Numbers

Find a Kuwait Reference Number using this simple guide. Here are the 4 steps to finding a Kuwaiti reference number:

  • Visit the official website to get started.
  • You’ll see the click here option when you click here.
  • To select the arrows option, click on them. You will see the form appear.
  • As shown in the below image, the following form will appear, where all fields must be carefully filled out. Here is the link:
  • The civil ID number should be typed under Civil ID.
  • Your passport number should be entered in the passport number box
  • Passport expiration date – Enter your passport’s expiration date
  • Click on Inquire at the end

Once you are ready, click on Inquire. The reference number you entered will appear here.


In order to find the reference number we must know the Civil Identification Number (CIN) the passport no, and the passport expiry date.

The reference number consists of nine numbers, and it is located on the civil card in the back, specifically in the part between the serial number and the address.

What is the Kuwait residency card? It is an 8-10 digit long code number printed on a paper document that you receive after having the Residency Permit issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor

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