Paci Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery 2KD (2024)

Paci Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery 2KD

Paci Civil ID Delivery: Have you ever had to deliver a Panama Civil ID, if you are not Kuwaiti or not Kuwaiti, but you don’t know how to do it? You do not need to worry about that at all. You can rely on us to help you every step of the way to get your civil identity card delivered to you.

If you choose to go directly to the PACI Kuwait Civil ID home delivery service instead of going to other sites, you may use the public service PACI Kuwait Civil ID home delivery link since they have launched a new service for home delivery. Getting your civil ID needs to be scheduled in advance so that you do not miss it.

1. The fee for this delivery is 2KD

2. 0.25KD extra charges for additional cards added.

1. First of all, visit PACI’s official website and click on the top corner of the page to change Arabic into English. If you wish to proceed, please read the following instructions carefully:

Paci Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery

2. The second step of the process involves accepting and carefully reading all the instructions provided to you. In the next step, click the button to accept the delivery company’s terms and conditions.

3. If you have an old civil ID card, you can click on the rectangle that shows an Old civil ID card is available if you have an old civil ID card. The Old Civil Id card isn’t available in the case that you don’t have an old identification card, so you need to check the rectangle that shows that the Old Civil Id card cannot be found.

Paci Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery

4. It is now time for you to enter your civil ID number and serial number in the following box. On the back of your civil identification card, you will find your serial number.

5. Enter your contact information, such as your name, your card number, your home address, delivery time, your contact number, your email address, and the country you prefer. This feature can also be used if you would like to enter a manual address. Write your details in the third field and then select the third option.

6. As you type your address for delivery, you will see three options available to you:

  • The card address should be used.
  • I would like to use another PACI address.
  • It is necessary to enter the address manually.

As shown below, select the best option for you and fill in the information:

Paci Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery

7 The last step of getting your civil ID is confirming the delivery information you entered. Take a close look at your residential address if you enter it.

Paci Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery

8. Following confirmation of the delivery information, you will be redirected to the payment page, and once the payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation receipt; please save the receipt carefully either by printing it or saving it as a PDF.

Paci Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery

What you need to know:

  • As soon as the delivery service request is raised, the company’s call centre will contact you on the phone number you provided.
  • After submitting any other change request, you will cancel the existing ID card delivery request.
  • Applications for delivery service are putative only for civil cards that meet the criteria for delivery services.

Civil ID Card Delivery

The state agency that issues civil ID cards in Kuwait is known as the Public Authority for Civil Information. It performs several different tasks, including the issuing of identification cards and the collection of related fees.

The agency has also set up a number of the services such as inquiring about the status of the card and the service of inquiring about the civil number for expatriates through its official website.

PACI Civil ID Home Delivery in Kuwait Fee

There are different service delivery fees for different services. For example, the civil information card is delivered without extra charges.

FAQs about Paci Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery

The only way to get your PACI Kuwait Civil ID home delivery right away is by using the PACI Kuwait Civil ID home delivery website.

A customer service representative can help you with your order over the phone or online.
Dial 8899888. Select 1 for Arabic and 2 for English.
Call the toll-free number on your invoice and enter your civil ID number. Then wait for your request to be processed.

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