PACI Online Appointment | Appointment for Civil ID Online with PACI Guide 2024 (Step-by-Step)

PACI Online Appointment

PACI Online Appointment: The Civil ID Appointment Booking system is easy to use through the online website portal. This is an overview of it. Read this and you’ll know everything about it. When you click on the button to book an appointment on Paci you will immediately see a menu of options that match your specific needs.

The Civil ID appointment booking service is a great way to get things done in Kuwait, whether you’re looking to register for a new Kuwait Civil ID card or submit documents.

• Book your PACI Appointment in just 1 minute (
• No need to wait in long lines or register on the spot with the help of your smartphone or computer.
• Register from anywhere with internet access by using the PACI Appointment Portal.

PACI Online Appointment Booking for Civil ID

The following steps will help you get a position on the PACI portal efficiently. In this article, I’ll walk you through each of the steps in turn so that you know exactly what to do.

  • The first step is to submit your appointment request through PACI’s website portal.
  • The next step is to go to the online website portal, where you can find different options and menus. You can select E-services from the menu.
  • The terms and conditions of these services will be available on a new webpage once you click on the appointment booking option.
  • You can now start the service by clicking the start button.
  • The service will begin after you click the button to start it. There will be a drop-down menu with two options at the top of the page. To change the appointment book, click here.
  • The PACI website portal provides you with the different available required boxes here on this page. Decide why you want to book an appointment.
  • Select the branch and office where you will receive your civil ID.
  • Click Next the button to continue.
  • Move on to the next tab. Make your appointment at the time that works best for you. It refers to the time of day you wish to visit the office, such as mornings or evenings. The time and day of the shift, as well as the morning and evening shifts, must also be selected.

Click on the next tab. Select a time for your office visit. It refers to when you are planning to visit the office early in the morning or late in the evening. Furthermore, you have to choose the shifts in the morning and evening as well as the date and time.

Click Next once you have filled out all the required information.

A barcode will appear after clicking the Next button. It can be downloaded to your phone in a few seconds.

Following all these steps will enable you to complete your PACI online appointment for civil ID in no time. An online appointment can be scheduled within a few minutes; it’s a very simple and quick process.

Types Of Appointment Paci Kuwait

Paci is a well-known appointment service for the collection of civil ID cards. The purpose of this service is broad in its applicability and Paci Kuwait offers some more services like changing the birth date, documents Cancellation, certificate for building or agency property, and Newborn baby registration.

List Of Appointments Paci Kuwait

  • Correct Name
  • Change / Correct Date of Birth
  • Change Address
  • Remove House Residents
  • GCC-First Time Registration
  • GCC-Civil ID Renewal
  • GCC-Change Address
  • Landlord Fingerprint
  • Lost Card
  • Change / Correct Date of Birth
  • Registration / Cancellation of Travel Document
  • Illegal Residents Transactions
  • Certificates Printing (Computer Number / Entity)
  • Buildings Record / List
  • Activate person (Born in Kuwait)
  • Correction of Residency File
  • Cancellation of Residency File
  • Suspended Residency

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Requirements For Paci Office Appointment Booking

You must follow all of the rules before entering the Paci office. You should be able to follow these requirements in order to get your civil ID card.  MORE

  • The best time to collect your civil ID card from the Paci office is between 9 AM and 5 PM. These are the office’s working hours, and if you visit outside of these hours you may not be allowed to enter the premises.
  • Two thousand new civil ID cards are delivered every day by the Paci office. there are only 5 hundred transactions a day. You can take up to five hundred appointments per day. Fifty thousand appointments are available per month.

How do I book an appointment with PACI?

Step 1: To get your request approved for an Appointment for Civil ID, you’ll need to visit the PACI website.

Step 2: There is an online website that allows you to compare different options and menus. When you are looking for the “E-services” options click on the “Home” tab at the top of your screen.

How can I book a medical appointment in Kuwait?

You’ll see a list of your appointments. Click the “E-Health Services” button to view the list. Select one of the appointment booking services, like requesting an appointment with a health clinic.

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