How to Replace a Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Emirates ID in the UAE

How to Replace a Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Emirates ID in the UAE

Emirates ID Lost: The Emirates ID is a special card given to people in the UAE to show who they are. If you lose it, don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place. We can help you get a new one if yours is damaged, lost, or stolen. Just follow the steps we give you and you’ll have a new card in no time.

Process For An Emirates ID Lost 2024

If you happen to be a UAE local or resident, you are likely aware that your Emirates ID is the most vital piece of documentation in the country. Your Emirates ID serves as proof of your residency status and is required for various types of paperwork and applications, such as obtaining a driver’s license, renting a property, and setting up utility connections.

In addition, all citizens and residents are mandated to possess an Emirates ID at all times. This is crucial in confirming your identity and eligibility to access services.

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Privileges and Benefits of Emirates ID in the United Arab Emirates

The Emirates Identification Authority (EIDA) issues the Emirates ID, which contains a comprehensive record of your details, as well as a photo and biometric data such as fingerprints. Additionally, access to this data is available to all Emirates ID cardholders through their PIN.

To deem it significant, it is imperative to ensure the safeguarding of your card consistently. However, what if you misplace your Emirates ID? Or if your Emirates ID goes missing? In such a scenario, it is imperative to peruse this write-up to acquire the relevant details regarding the necessary documentation, fee, and procedure.

Required Documents for Lost Emirates ID

  • Passport
  • Family book(UAE Nationals)
  • Photocopy of lost Emirates ID card
  • UAE Visa(Expats)
  • Birth Certificate(For kids below 15 years)

These documents serve as valid proof of identification and are crucial for various transactions such as travel, residency, and official documentation. It is essential to keep these documents secure and up-to-date to avoid any inconvenience or legal issues.

Required Documents Based on Age, GCC, and UAE Nationality

If you happen to be a UAE National or a GCC Citizen, certain documents are essential for accessing the service. These include

  • Completely filled-out application form, which can be obtained online or at any authorized Typing Center.
  • Original and valid Passport
  • Original and valid Family book
  • Valid Employment Certificate or Card
  • Real Estate Lease or Ownership contract
  • Certificate of Dependency
  • Lastly, it’s worth noting that the IDN Certificate must have been issued and stamped by the registration Center.

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Documentation Needed for Children Below the Age of 15

To obtain the necessary documents, there is no need to go to the registration centre. Instead, you can provide a passport-size photo (measuring 4.5 x 3.5 cm) with a white backdrop. It’s worth noting that biometric data isn’t required in this case.

However, if you want to get an ID card for a newborn, you’ll need to provide a copy of the birth certificate along with the aforementioned documents. Furthermore, the parent must show their valid ID card.

Required Documents for Individuals Over 70 Years of Age

Although you will not be charged any extra fees for ID-related services, you will still be responsible for any delay charges.

Furthermore, individuals with specific requirements will not be subjected to any additional service fees or charges for the ID card. However, they will still be liable for any delays incurred.

However, those with extra needs must present a certified copy of their disability proof, verified by their medical practitioner.

Lost Emirates ID Card Outside the UAE

In case your Emirates ID is missing while you are outside the UAE, it is crucial to take prompt action by visiting the UAE Embassy in your area of residence to report the loss.

Furthermore, if you have previously registered your details with the UAE Embassy, you may apply for a replacement card via the online portal using the steps provided, or wait until you return to the UAE and visit one of the official typing centres.

Similar to other identification cards, an Emirates ID features a microchip that contains all pertinent details of its owner. It also includes biometric data, financial records, and other essential information. It is imperative to handle the loss of an Emirates ID with utmost care.

Duration of Service

If all the necessary conditions are fulfilled, the tasks will be accomplished, and the card will be made available for pickup within ten business days after applying. Furthermore, supplementary details may be necessary.

Furthermore, if your Emirates ID card is misplaced or stolen and then discovered, a representative from Emirates ID Customer Service will reach out to you via phone to ensure its recovery.

Benefits Of This Service:

The tool empowers you to maintain precise and current identity information, which enhances the security and usability of your data. It facilitates a safer and more convenient approach to managing your identity.

Emirates ID Replacement Fee

If your Emirates ID goes missing, it is necessary to report it. Once a report is filed at the police station about the lost ID, a fee of AED 70 will be levied. Additionally, the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) sets a fee for the replacement of the Emirates ID.

Here is the Emirates ID replacement fee structure

If an Emirates ID card is lost or stolen, the replacement fee is AED 300. However, submitting the replacement form through typing centres will result in a lower fee of AED 70. The online submission of the form incurs a fee of AED 40. Additionally, for express delivery of the Emirates ID within 24 hours, a fee of AED 150 will be charged.

What To Do If Your Emirates ID is Stolen, Broken, Damaged, Or Lost

Report to the Relevant Authority:

To begin with, in case you misplace your Emirates ID, the initial step is to notify the nearest ICA Customer Happiness Centre or a police station. It’s essential to bring all valid identification documents for the sake of verifying your identity, as previously stated.

Once the centre verifies your identity, they will promptly disable the lost card. Additionally, you can request a duplicate Emirates ID card to ensure uninterrupted access to services. If your card is damaged, you’ll need to bring the old one when applying for a replacement.

Kindly note that you need to bring these documents to proceed with the application process. For Emirati citizens, it is necessary to present a family book along with their current and valid passports.

In the case of GCC nationals, a valid employment certificate or card, school registration certificate, valid marriage contract, commercial license, ownership contract, real estate lease, or certificate of dependency is accepted.

Expatriates are required to provide a valid passport that has been stamped with a valid residency permit.

How To Apply For An Emirates ID Card Replacement

After reporting the incident of losing your Emirates ID to either the police office or ICA office and obtaining a police report, you must proceed to apply for a replacement card promptly. You will be required to furnish the necessary documents as part of your application.

To complete the application process for a replacement Emirates ID card, you must provide the documents mentioned above. However, you can obtain the application form for the replacement ID card request at ICA Customer Happiness Centres.

The information regarding Emirates ID replacement is accessible on the ICA’s official website for online submissions. Furthermore, inhabitants can also utilize the ICA UAE mobile application to access an application form and submit their request for a replacement Emirates ID. This request can be made by submitting a report stating “Emirates ID lost and found” or “I lost my Emirates ID”.

Instructions for children under 15 years of age

Nonetheless, minors aged under 15 must provide a coloured passport-size photograph taken on a white background in the event of a lost Emirates ID. Additionally, parents of infants must present a copy of the birth certificate and their valid identification, as well as any other necessary documentation.

Pay The Fee

Below is some information regarding the expenses associated with obtaining a new Emirates ID:

Cost of replacement: AED 300 is the necessary fee for obtaining a replacement Emirates ID card.
Processing fee: AED 70 is charged per application for the processing of the request.

Individuals who utilize the electronic form on the ICA website receive a discount and are only required to pay AED 40 for the application form, rather than the standard fee of AED 70. Payment of the fees must be made alongside the submission of the application form for the replacement of the Emirates ID.

Accumulate Your New Card

After completing and submitting the request for a new identification card, the ICA will send you a text message notifying you of the submission and the anticipated delivery date. This will assist you in scheduling a specific date to obtain your Emirates ID. The issuance of a replacement Emirates ID typically takes approximately two business days, but it may take up to ten business days.

In urgent situations where residents require a prompt replacement of their Emirates IDs to access all services within the UAE, they can utilize the express service. Following receipt of the SMS notification, you can collect your identification card from Emirates Post. Once you have received the notification that your identification has been retrieved, ensure that it is ready to collect.


If you apply to replace your Emirates ID card, a representative from Emirates ID customer service will contact you and inform you when your Emirates ID will be reinstated.

Individuals living in the United Arab Emirates desire an alternative for identification cards if they are lost, damaged, or stolen. They are required to pay an additional fee of AED 150 for this service. For further details regarding the costs of obtaining a replacement, refer to the aforementioned article.

Emirates ID serves as evidence of identity for all UAE residents or citizens. This card has numerous applications that could enhance your way of life. Therefore, while availing services in the UAE, it is advisable to take care not to misplace your Emirates ID.

Emirates identification proprietors can proceed to the closest Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship establishments to obtain details concerning their Emirates identification. It is feasible to modify the details on your Emirates identification card with ease.

It is possible to refresh your Emirates ID before its expiration, and a notification from the ICA office will be sent to prompt renewal. This will enable you to utilize all of the UAE’s services.
You may refresh your ID by going to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) in the UAE, or by applying to the ICA website. Additionally, you may consult our Emirates ID renewal article.

You can communicate with the ICA by dialling 600-522-222 if you have any inquiries concerning ID card replacement, such as the loss, destruction, or theft of your Emirates ID.


To summarize, we must emphasize that the Emirates ID carries immense significance for every inhabitant or national of the UAE. It serves as a crucial document of authentication within the country’s borders.

Should it ever go missing, suffer damage, or be stolen, one must notify the relevant authorities at the office or police station without delay. Subsequently, one must promptly apply to replace the Emirates ID, without any procrastination. The new ID can be obtained within two to ten business days.

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