Complete Guide to Civil ID Payment Online for Expatriates

Complete Guide to Civil ID Payment Online for Expatriates

Civil ID Payment Online: Kuwait issues a civilian identity card to everyone regardless of their age. This is called Batiqa-al-Madaniyah in the native language. In Kuwait, even expatriates must have an identity certificate. It is necessary for them to register their identities with the Public Authority for Civil Information. After that, the authority issues a 12-digit civil identification number. The number is issued only after a person passes the basic screening process.

If you are planning to be in Kuwait long term, you should get a Smart card for expatriates. Smart cards for non-residents are available for 5 Kuwaiti Dinars from the Kuwait Authority of Civil Affairs. If you have a passport, you can pay civil ID fees by going online.

With the new system, the card can be applied for immediately after a transaction is made. The Civil ID for Expatriates in Kuwait is a comprehensive guide to the civil ID process. If you want to check your Kuwait ID status and pay the fees for delivery, you can do it online.

Procedure for Civil ID Payment

Thanks to the digital payment system, Expatriate Identity card payments have never been easier. Throughout the entire online application process, payment security is ensured. Here are some steps to follow. Here is a flow chart showing how a payment is processed. Here are some details you might want to check out.

This Is The Official Page Of PACI

The first step is to visit the official website of the Public Authority for Civil Information, the Kuwait government. In addition to civil fines and card payments, the website has an e-services section.

Portal For Civil Registration

On the PACI website, click the civil card option and complete the service application form. During document verification, the visitor will receive an identity number.

The Civil Cards Of Expatriates

After that, you need to check the expat’s online application. PACI offers online applications for civil identity numbers. Choose the relevant ex-pat icon, such as renewal of ID cards or first-time registration, from the list of options.

Fee For Civil Identification

Select the ID fee payment option. After that, enter your identity payment number. A screen will appear immediately with your smart card acquisition fee. Use an electronic payment method to make the payment.

Inquiry & E-payment

With e-Payment for the Civil Identity Card, you get the added advantage of being able to make online payments as a way of making the application easier and faster. After the coronavirus pandemic, the Kuwaiti public authority for civil information has made available a system of asking for information about public fee schedules. By entering your civil number, you can get the envelope fee amount online.

Final Words

Citizens will be able to verify their registration at any time by using a smart identity card. Whether you are Kuwaiti or non-Kuwaiti, everyone in Kuwait has the right to have an identification card, which has the option of being used as a passport in nations of the Gulf. Expats living in Kuwait will therefore have to provide computerized identification documents as a condition of residency.


Login to the Kuwait Mobile ID application. From the main menu select “Update your ID”. To keep your data secure, select “Accept” for the terms & conditions when prompted.

If you are looking for the official Kuwait government PACI civil ID card, visit the paci portal. Enter your “Civil ID” number in the “Find by ID” field and click “Search”. After you apply for your Civil ID, check its status to know if it’s been approved or under processing. You should go to the nearest office in your area and pick up your new Civil ID.

Go to the official site of the portal from here “e-services platform” directly. The Fine Payments page will be shown. You are clicking on the Start Service button. You will move to another page. You can also type it. Type the email correctly. Click on the search icon. A search result for ‘Kuwaiti civil IDs’ will show up immediately.

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